Friday, 9 September 2011

This is my blog!

Hello, i've taken A-level media for a chance of getting in to journalism and presenting, and I know that  media contributes to this well! I'm also interested in getting an insight, and learning the skills that go in to a film, as I love watching them! Im studying media alongside: dance, theatre studies and english language.

I love music, and my favourite bands and artists are always changing! At the moment I'm really fond of PULP, after seeing them at Reading Festival I fell in love with the front man Jarvis Cocker.

When I get the chance to watch TV i love watching Celebrity's comedy genius and i love all of the hosts! I'm also rather guilty of being a fan of the 'reality' series Made In Chelsea, which I also find hilarious.

I'm a typical girl when it comes to my favourite films, good old rom com's and chick flicks are my cup of tea. But my 2 favourites have to be The Notebook due to the actors, storyline and era that it's set in! And my childhood favourite of The Lion King!

So there you have it!

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