Monday, 12 December 2011


In order to create our female protagonists rant on what she hates about men, we asked some close friends on their personal opinions and dislikes. Therefore, making it more relateable to a wider audience. These pet-hates are going to be quite petty, which creates humour, such as: eating with wide elbows, and leaving finished ice cream tubs in the freezer! Giving a negative approach on her views on men, and inspired with by a an 'Amelie' scene.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Are Rom-Coms just easy viewing?

Rom-com's can be claimed 'guilty pleasures' due to their satisfying, uncomplicated pleasures. Although, I think the attraction to them is due to a self-assuring feel of realism, for example Bridget Jone's diary is a film some women could find appealing due to relating to Renee Zellweger as the unfortunate protagonist.

An audience member should see the protagonist's personal growth and form a bond which helps in empathising with the character through their ups and downs.

In our opening I'd like to create this relationship between the character and viewer, as I see this as a typical 'Relationship-comedy' convention and also engaging.

The female protagonist Cher in Clueless uses narration to help an audience form an understanding. As does:

Carrie in Sex and the City

Caty in Mean Girls