Monday, 30 January 2012


We are currently handing this out to a variety of ages (11-31) in order to find out what is most popular among Rom-Coms. Questionnaire for Rom Com Research

ROUGH title

This is our very very very rough idea for our films title logo. Due to the rather weird name we still want a quirky, yet romantic title. We want the word 'Elephant' to be in quite chunky 'old-school' bubble writing, with the 'juice' being classic, and girly, hopefully appealing to our female audience.

Our script!


Monday, 9 January 2012


This is another one of our friends, Sam, we think his face and style will be ideal for the dressed up, attractive and sophisticated look we want our male protagonist to give off, but in fact, when his character is truly revealed he is lazy, scruffy and rude! These qualities are often possessed by many guys in Rom-Coms, that don't meet their presentation from the exterior!

These male actors have each played characters similar to that of Sam in their films. Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Johnson, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bartha (above) all have simlar stance in their masculinity, with dark hair, smart attire, yet the same kind of energy with their acting, they can all be seen as 'Bad Boys'.


This is our female protagonist, a friend of ours called Becca. We think her short brown hair, fairly simple face structure, yet pretty brown eyes will suit our wintery feel, and when in seasonal clothing will succeed in looking like the conventional 'Rom-Com Girl'.

These are some actresses that have inspired our choice. I think their look is endearing as Audrey Tautou, Carey Mulligan, Daisy Lowe and Zooey Deschanel (above) have subtle features, with a good complexion and a pleasant face that becomes more interesting and pretty to an audience member as the film continues.

Friday, 6 January 2012


We like the idea of the titles being part of the scene, and fitting in to what is being focussed on i.e. letters made on a dinner plate, bottom of an empty ice cream tub, side of a ceral box and on a tissue.

This opening of Ex Drummer is a good demonstration of the way in which the titles appear on objects that they pass, and are only shown for a short amount of time, leaving the focus on the plot going on.