Wednesday, 14 September 2011

127 Hours

Medium shot of actor cycling through the desert on the right hand side, this shows his excitement, yet by the desert being rotated slightly to the left, gives the impression that the desert is misleading and twisted, as we find out through his horrendous journey.

Low angle shot makes the audience feel less involved, yet with the sparse surroundings of just the blue sky, can make the audience relate to his vulnerability, and significance by being the main, if not only character throughout the film.

An over the shoulder shot is used to once again focus on the main actor, and show that he is in a conversation and has made friends within his surrounding, his expression shows his happiness towards this.

Medium shot in order to show him coming up for air, and to show the black background creating a lonely and dark surrounding, impacting the story narrative as a hint for later in the film.

Loose framing to show the three characters enjoying their freedom, and the clear blue water looking inviting.

The 3-shot gives the impression of a relationship forming due to the close proxemics, and the lack of other people around.

Long shot giving first impressions of the setting, and in contrast to the small physique, showing his insignificance when amongst the rocks.

Extreme Close-up shows the detail and emotions all from his eyes, as the eyes are the main feature of the face that the audience are always attracted to.

2-Shot shows the close relationship, and conveys a positive feel with the warm and awe-inspiring background.

2-shot close up of the two looking into the distance showing their contentment and awe, with the  background complimenting the detailed expression and eyeline.

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