Wednesday, 22 February 2012


What film company would distribute your film?
I think that the film company Working Title would distribute our film, due to their main genre originally being relationship comedies, and with fairly similar personality traits in their protagonists as in our opening, and with similar views on 'love'. Such as the ones found in 'Bridget Jones', 'Love Actually' and 'Notting Hill'. Also, due to their first major box office hit in 1994 being 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'.

What would the name of your Production Company be?

We have struggled to come up with a Production Company name that gives off the correct impression of the film type we would produce. As a rough, undecided idea we came up with the name 'GLITTER STORM' due to the more feminine reference with 'GLITTER', yet, paired with 'STORM' still creates a powerful and indirect air. If we choose to stick with this, we have planned to spell this out in glitter of some sort, but still uncertain.

What classification would your film be and why? 

I think our film would be classed a 12A from the BBFC, due to our intentions of having no sex, strong language or drug use. Although perhaps a 12 year old may not be able to relate and fully engage with the plot, the choice is still available to their parents, and they may thoroughly enjoy the more slapstick comedy moments. '500 Days of Summer' is also a 12A and i would agree that our opening fits in the same borderline and style, with occasional rather mature scenes, that children under the age of 12 may not appreciate.

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