Monday, 5 December 2011

Are Rom-Coms just easy viewing?

Rom-com's can be claimed 'guilty pleasures' due to their satisfying, uncomplicated pleasures. Although, I think the attraction to them is due to a self-assuring feel of realism, for example Bridget Jone's diary is a film some women could find appealing due to relating to Renee Zellweger as the unfortunate protagonist.

An audience member should see the protagonist's personal growth and form a bond which helps in empathising with the character through their ups and downs.

In our opening I'd like to create this relationship between the character and viewer, as I see this as a typical 'Relationship-comedy' convention and also engaging.

The female protagonist Cher in Clueless uses narration to help an audience form an understanding. As does:

Carrie in Sex and the City

Caty in Mean Girls

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