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Shot List:

1.) Extreme Long Establishing   2.) Low Angle C.U- Rhino   3.) Low Angle C.U- Gazelle   4.) Low Angle M.S- Meerkats   5.) Low Angle M.S- Cheetah   6.) L.S- Birds   7.) Tracking- Flying Birds   8.) High Angle- Birds Over Waterfall   9.) L.S- Elephants   10.) High Angle Slow Tracking- Birds   11.) L.S- Gazelle   12.) Low Angle Tracking- Giraffe    13.) Level Tracking- Giraffe Up Hill   14.) Pan to L.S- The Heard   15.) High Angle C.U- Ants   16.) Low Angle- Birds   17.) Tracking M.S- Zebra   18.) Tracking M.S- Birds On Tusk   19.) Tilted Birds Eye Tracking    20.) High Angle Tracking Zoom- Pride Rock   21.) Zoom to C.U- Mufasa   22.)   High Angle M.S- Zazu   23.) Low Angle Zoom- Mufasa   24.) M.S- Antelope   25.) Low Pan   26.) C.U- Mufasa   27.) Low Tracking- Rafiki   28.) M.S Zoom To Full Length- Mufasa & Rafiki   29.) M.S- Family   30.) C.U Zoom- Simba   31.) Low Angle C.U Zoom- Rafiki   32.) High Angle M.S- Simba   33.) Low Angle C.U- Fruit   34.) Tilt Downwards To C.U- Rafiki   35.) High Angle C.U- Simba   36.) C.U- Dirt   37.) High Angle C.U- Simba   38.) C.U- 2 Lions   39.) High Angle C.U- Simba   40.) M.S- Rafiki   41.) Low Angle L.S- Pride Rock   42.) Slow Zoom To Birds Eye View    43.) Low Angle Zoom Continued   44.) High Angle C.U- Simba Lifted   45.) Low Angle L.S- Simba In Air   46.) Low Angle M.S- Elephants   47.) Low Angle L.S- Rafiki   48.) M.S- Monkey   49.) Low Angle L.S- Rafiki & Simba   50.) C.U Of Feet & Tilt- Zebra   51.) High Angle M.S Pan- Simba's Back   52.) Low Angle L.S Pan- Around Simba   53.) Low Angle- Sky   54.) L.S- Raising Simba   55.) M.S Tracking- Animals   56.) Zoom Out Into Extreme L.S- All Animals & Pride Rock

How Are Character Types Established?
Characters can be defined through their positioning in this scene, status plays a huge part in the whole film, and with the characters being on their different levels this can be conveyed. For Example: King Mufasa is of the highest status, therefore stood above Pride Rock. The M.S of the small animals sat on the elephants tusk also represents the close relationships and equality they are surrounded by.

How Is Location Established?
The establishing shot of the sun rising revealing a huge open space with just a tree; initially portrays a heavily spatial, non-restricted environment. With the fiery tones and entry of the safari suited animals, it is soon obvious to be a huge savannah, with a strong African inspired feel. 

How Is The Narrative Constructed?
There is a feel of anticipation when viewing the different types of animals all on a journey together at the start, from this, the audience become aware that something about to happen is going to involve the huge variety of animals. When Simba is raised, followed by the uproar this creates, there is a celebration. It is clear he is going to make an impact on the feature, and by the status of his family it can become predictable that he will have, if not already, excessive power.

How Does Opening Reflect Genre Of Film?
The Animation is noticeable straight away, with the dramatic music and upbeat feel from all of the individual animals shown, a family feel-good feature is created. The expressions and creativity used in the making of the characters makes it apparent that this is aimed at children, and with the inspiring and theatrical feel, it could be a drama with an encouraging moral to tell. 

Is opening appropriate for a film of this genre?
It has a huge impact with the different colours, angles, pace and characters used. This would definitely grip any child, and any member of the family, with a climax that creates excitement and drama prematurely. The realism of the gestures given from the animals is great to see from an animation feature, definitely suiting the children/drama genre. 

How Have Titles Been Used?
The title is presented at the end of the opening, followed by the build up of the music and is displayed with the last hard hitting beat. The fiery red font suits the environment it is set in, and is very broad and powerful. Although, the red paired with the black background can create a contrasting sinister feel, which could be an indicator for the trials faced later in the feature.

In Your View Is This An Effective Opening?
Being 4 minutes long and building anticipation with every second, united with the powerful and undeniably incredible music, this opening sets such a standard for the story. Almost every character is introduced, along with the theme of 'the circle of life' being enhanced by the strong lyrics early on. The atmosphere and setting can only make you feel optimistic and energized.

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