Sunday, 9 October 2011


When it came to the day of filming, I was happy with how the group came together and used our initiative quickly, in order to make sure we got everything done. It helped that Joe had had experience using the camera's, which got us off to a good start, and we soon picked up the logic behind it all.
We all took it in turn to film different parts, depending on who wasn't already needed to be filmed in the shot. I think this worked well, as we all got a chance, and avoided the pressure of one person being responsible for the piece.
When it came down to filming, some of our story-boarded shots couldn't be done, as we had to make minor changes due to the room we had, and lack of actors. Although, our storyboard was still essential when filming, as we followed which shots had been done, and which ones needed re-shooting for the best quality version.
Through the process of editing, I have realised that perhaps we could have filmed some shots for a longer time, and the build up to them more, this then enables us with more material to edit with, and aids with smoother cuts overall. I will keep this in mind for our next filming project, but I am still happy with what we got, and just hope my final edit does it justice!?

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